I slept for about 7 1/2 hours, including an hour of hitting the snooze button. I’ve taken my shower, but I still wish I was in bed ;P

I had a bad dream during my snoozing. In it, this friend of Sean’s who really annoys me intruded on a thread where I was posting between Neville and Gautier Mazarin (it looked like an AMRN thread, but I am doing nothing of the sort over there). Basically, he posted pretending to be Neville, and took Neville completely out of character. It pissed me off, but all I did on the thread was post as as moderator stating that he couldn’t barge in, and that if he wanted to play he needed to submit a character sheet to Admin.

Then, I went outside, and found that my car was steaming violently, and hissing. “Okay, that’s the last straw,” I yelled, storming back into wherever it was–somebody’s house I think–and barging into a room where some people were. “Who freaking drove my car?”

Predictably, Sean’s friend stated that he’d driven it. He was all apologetic and smarmy, which made me hate him even more.

“What did you do to it?” I shouted at him. “Did you decide to take it out for some doughnuts or something?”

I’ve been mad at him recently, for annoying me, so it was like this dream was finally giving me an outlet for those feelings. It was kind of cool.

I’m glad he didn’t really mess up my car. My car does that just fine on its own. (New ignition switch: $150!)

And now I’m going to be late for work. Bye!