Bloodwork drama, resolved

Here’s the timeline of events. All times except the first one are exact, because they coincide with logged calls on my cell phone.

~8:40: I arrive at the laboratory.

9:00: The laboratory says they don’t have the paperwork. I call my doctor’s office several times. No one answers. As I don’t have my doctor’s cell phone number in my phone, I go home.

9:15: I call my doctor directly. She doesn’t answer.

9:31: My doctor calls me back. She suggests I call the office back continually, and says she will call them too.

9:35: I call the office. I get voice mail. I decide not to bother trying to call again.

9:41: The office calls me. Here’s where things get ridiculous. The girl, “Tiffany” or something, is apparently put out because my doctor called her. She says, “We have this problem with them all the time when we send faxes the night before. We sent it.” She then adds, “You could have called us from there.” I interject, “I did, several times. Is there a number I have to press to get a person?” She is befuddled by this and doesn’t give me a straight answer, instead going back to, “We have this problem with them all the time. Tell them this is the second time we’ve faxed it.” I manage to say, “Can I confirm the fax number you have for them?” It turns out they have the correct number. I could say, “Why don’t you confirm faxes when you send them? It’s not my responsibility to facilitate communication between you and the laboratory.” However, I do not. We hang up and I go back to the lab.

10:04: I finally have blood drawn. (This time is exact because my mother in law called me while I was in the chair.)

Now I just have to hope that the bloodwork is done by 1 pm, when I’m supposed to go to the doctor.

I’ve packed all my stuff except for the laptop, which I’m currently getting prepared. Packing goes pretty quickly for me now; I’ve done it so much that it’s easy to determine what I need. So really the only issues are:

  • What is going on with my period
  • How the weather is for the drive
  • Whether or not my husband will ever get out of bed

With those things settled, I will finally be able to go to Kentucky for my RELAXING HOLIDAY WEEKEND :P