Fun with Blogger profiles

Today I updated my Blogger profile, because it was getting stale, and because “Business Manager” doesn’t quite describe what it is I do. (Nothing really describes what it is I do, so “Renaissance Woman” will have to suffice.) I also changed the random question, because while I liked my “indelible” answer, I ultimately thought the whole thing was doofy.

While I was in there I added some favorite movies and books and music. Then I started browsing through other Blogger profiles, because it’s so easy to just click on the words and have a big chunk of people thrown at you.

I found some really interesting (read: scary) stuff.

First up is a guy who lists his interests as:

angelina jolie, babies, dandelions, zombies, hobbits, Jessi Klein, pumpkin pie, death, world domination, spontaneous combustion, swedish porn, procreation, politics, George Bush, Ashlee Simpson, pop culture.


Then there was a girl who seemed normal enough in her profile, but her posts read like this:


all roads lead to home.

how many times then,

would our own roads traverse

our own roads, snarling

to bits

our plans for fits

for jack be quick be nimble?

tripping thick of

greedy finesse. welting

knees upon questing

efficiency, failing blind that

winding faulty path

might, certainly be

the fastest.

the LasTTesT

Double yeeeeeeeeeeah. I guess it’s supposed to be poetry? This is why I don’t like poems ;P

There are a bunch of people with Blogger profiles and 0 posts. I don’t care about those people! Why do they even have profiles? I wish there was a way to automatically exclude them from searches ;P

I did, however, find what appears to be a great blog…and it’s a conservative viewpoint, for a change. I’ll be adding it to my blogroll shortly…so check out Dalton Hammond.

It would be nice if I could find more interesting girl bloggers…