It’s okay to be intolerant of Christians, white men, and capitalism. Just don’t be intolerant of anything else, mmkay?

Because, of course, if anyone else does anything wrong, it’s obviously the fault of one of the above three anyway.

This is the message I’m receiving from sites like BoingBoing lately. Since the election, BoingBoing has been highlighting radical Christians. Sour grapes, I’m sure, over the president’s “moral victory”. I suppose it doesn’t matter that I didn’t vote for him because of morals, and I really doubt anyone else did either.

The posts have a condescending feel to them, as though the writers are looking at specimens in a jar and commenting on their base habits. With every post, the writers are lining up reason after reason to reject Christianity and to be intolerant of Christians…as though these fringe radicals are in any way representative of the average Christian.

It’s really annoying.

Here’s the latest, entitled “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition“.

Yes, that is seriously the title.

Thanks, BoingBoing, for your level-headed and fair portrayal of Christianity. I’m sure all your readers appreciate it.