Japan news

I read lots of Japan news every day. I link to it sometimes, but a lot of the time I pass by the more horrible things without comment. The toppling of 200 gravestones, for example, is offensive and astounding, but it doesn’t even begin to compare to the plumber who kicked his four-month-old daughter in the head until she died. I see more and more stories like that, of child abuse that often leads to death.

I wonder if I am seeing every single child abuse case in Japan, and that’s why it seems like so many. If I am seeing them all, then their problem is far less serious than ours.

It is still very disturbing to read.

I’ve also stayed mostly away from the topic of terrorism, the beheading of Koda Shosei, and the deployment of the SDF in Iraq. This is mostly because we have our own problems in those areas, and if I can’t come to a conclusion about what should be done in our case, I can’t very well comment on Japan’s. Now, the terrorists are telling Japan that “Even the wide oceans cannot protect you all. Your people will for sure be shaken”. All I can feel is sadness, and yes, fear. I am, in short, being terrorized. So congratulations, terrorists.

We can’t let them win. We just can’t.

As for our mysterious sub, early reports suggested that it was a Chinese vessel, but China denies knowledge of the sub beyond what it has heard in the news. Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary finally stated that since the sub is staying underwater, they can’t tell what country it came from.

Finally, in a story that brought some welcome amusement to my morning, Kodansha is being sued for running a photo of a soccer player kissing an actress–alongside an article about how the soccer player is suing someone else for running the photo. You’d think they would have anticipated that…