I’m finding that I’m far more interested in writing on The Book than I am in going to work, which could be a Bad Thing. This morning I asked if I could actually leave at my scheduled time (three hours into my shift)! Normally I’m looking for more hours, because, you know, of the whole money thing. But not today!

No, today I wanted to get home and write about Neville Mazarin. I actually wrote a bit while I was at work, but it was from his perspective, and when I got home and looked at it again I realized it wasn’t going to work. So I rewrote it from Tilya’s :D

It’s only the second day, so I shouldn’t assume it’s going to be like this all month, but I’m really enjoying it so far. I’ve hit snags where I haven’t had enough information or I’ve needed to flesh things out a bit more, but I’ve worked through or around them as I went. Hopefully I won’t run into anything that will majorly destroy the plot or something.

Speaking of the plot…this book is going to be about Celia, really! I promise! This Tilya stuff is practically writing itself at this point, so obviously it must belong in the book.

(Hell. Maybe Tilya is the main character, and there will be no Celia at all. You never know…)

(Double Hell, maybe Celia is the heroine of the sequel!)