Terrorists, I don’t understand you

I don’t understand thinking that killing innocent people is a justified means to an end. And I don’t understand why you think that kidnapping and killing people who are there to help, who are noncombatants, will make things go your way.

The whole idea of “terrorism” will not work on Americans. To be terrorized, you have to be cowed. Unwilling to fight back. What you are doing will not make us shy away. What you are doing simply cements even more strongly in our minds that you are evil and that you must be stopped whatever the cost.

You apparently killed someone recently who was essentially on your side.

In its statement, her family said: “Nobody can justify this. Margaret was against sanctions and the war. To commit such a crime against anyone is unforgivable. But we cannot believe how anybody could do this to our kind, compassionate sister.”

This act, and all the others like it, will endear you to no one. Rather, we will hunt you down, and we will destroy you for what you have done.

It will take a decade or more. But we will do it. Especially if you keep reminding us why we hate you.