The [Password Protected] Book

I haven’t written much lately, and what I have written I haven’t liked a whole lot. I realize that this is because I’m losing my sense of direction.

I’ve told Tilya’s story, really. I can continue to write anecdotes about how sucky it is to be married to Neville, or I can move on. But I don’t know what I’m moving on to.

Yesterday when I sat down to write, I wrote two things that I then completely deleted. The first one was going to be a scene where Tilya finds Neville fencing in the garden. The second one was going to be a scene from the future, when their daughter Celia is having her fifteenth birthday. Thinking about it now, I may be able to use those scenes, but yesterday they were just crummy to me, and I hated them. I had to play a lot of Zuma to clear my mind (weird how that works), and then, when I was working on laundry, it suddenly came to me that I wanted to write a little more about Neville, and so I did.

I’m not sure that I like what I ended up with, but there is no editing during NaNoWriMo and I need to stop freaking out about making it perfect. You’ll note that yesterday’s entry doesn’t even have a real ending. That’s bugging the hell out of me. But you know, sometimes you just can’t write anymore, and yesterday was one of those days.

I’m looking forward to the weekend, to do some more writing without worrying about work and stuff.

Side Note: You’ll find that the archives of the book are now password protected. There’s a blurb at the bottom of the main page explaining why. Basically, if I have my whole book readily available to the public on a website, that’s the book’s first publication…at least in the eyes of some publishers. But this way, I am sharing it with my friends for comment, and the public only sees my latest entry.

So, I’m sure those of you following the book would like to be able to get in and read the archives. I’m not going to post the login information on the book itself, because that would kind of defeat the purpose, but I’m pretty sure listing it here adds enough of a layer of complexity (e.g., people have to come here to get the password, meaning the archives aren’t “readily” available to the public). Here’s the information:

Username: reader

Password: celia

If you ever forget the login, just come back to this journal and do a search for “password” or “login” to find this post.

And there you have it.