The visit

I haven’t taken a single picture the whole time I’ve been here.

On Wednesday, after running around to the doctor and the lab, we finally got on the road at around 8 pm. It took us until 4:30 am to get to Nicholasville. When we were in Lexington, on one of those skinny little tree-lined roads, we saw snow flurries–a lot of snow flurries. They were beautiful.

Thursday was Thanksgiving. I got up, miraculously, at a reasonable hour, and made pumpkin dip and corn casserole. We ate at around 4 pm or so. Grandma, Steve, and Jeff didn’t come, unfortunately, so it was just Mom, Dad, AJ, Faye, Connor, Logan, Ben, Manda, Dan, and me and Sean. The food was good, though.

It was a little weird; we all just sort of ate, and then went our separate ways. It didn’t feel quite like Thanksgiving, somehow.

We spent Friday just hanging around the house. Faye took Connor and Logan to Jackie’s house for her family’s Thanksgiving, so I spent time with Mom and Dad. Sean and I went out to Chili’s for dinner, and then went over to Ben’s house and watched Drowning Mona. It was pretty good–I love the Yugos :>

Yesterday, we were supposed to go to Grandma’s, but Sean didn’t get up until around 3, and he wasn’t ready to go until 4. By that time, Grandma wasn’t ready to have visitors, so she asked us to please come tomorrow (today) instead. So instead of going out, we stayed in–I messed around on the computer, played pool with Dad, and hung out with Mom, and Sean played his video games (he’s been playing Half Life 2 and Lineage II).

Something happened to his computer, I think on Friday…but the days are all blurring together, so I’m not sure. He was able to fix it, fortunately.

We had everyone over, AJ, Faye, Connor, Logan, Ben, Manda, Dan, and Daniel Weinstock, for Chinese food last night. It was good :) Sean and Connor sort of fought over a seat cushion, but Connor was good and didn’t fuss about losing the cushion.

Later, I was playing hide and seek with Connor, so I hid in the closet in my old room where Sean has his computer set up. Connor came in and asked Sean if he’d seen me. Sean replied, “It’s hide and seek; you have to find her yourself.” :D

I read Connor’s three books to him while they were still here, and then they went home. I then watched a bunch of TLC/HGTV home decorating shows with Mom. Sadly, none of them were particularly impressive. I tended to like some of the little touches, but not the finished product. It was kind of disappointing.

So today Connor is going to come over to make gingerbread houses, and then we’re going to pack up and leave, and stop by Grandma’s on our way out of town.

I am going to definitely get some pictures today. I wish I’d gotten some on Thanksgiving. I don’t know why I didn’t; I even had my camera in the room. Oh well.

It’s been a good visit. I’ve been thinking about what it would be like to move back to the area. I would love to be closer to my family, but I feel like I have a place in Augusta now. I would miss my friends–and I’d miss my job too :> I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to find a job like that again. The people are fun, and the work is interesting, and I do a lot of different things. I like that.

Sean really ought to stay at the same place for at least 5 years, anyway. Especially since he’s going back to school (hopefully) in the spring.

So I guess it’s Augusta for now, for us.