Winter rambles

I love winter, and I love winter clothes. I love how I look right now in winter clothes, too.

I’m wearing an ankle-length skirt, pink and gray and tan and yellow and green–flowers on a patterned background–with my old blue sweatshirt and my new(ish) high heeled black patent leather boots. I don’t know if I actually look good or if I’m just really happy with myself right now, but whatever the reason, I’m liking looking in the mirror today :)

This past week I’ve gotten to wear a lot of cold-weather clothes, and I really love it. I’m going to bring them to Kentucky next week for Thanksgiving :)

I’m really looking forward to going back home. I had to miss Connor’s birthday, due to confusion over a job I was applying for and then the fact that Robert went out of town during the time I wanted to be gone. I ended up covering 2go-Box during that time, which was fine, really; nothing horrible happened, and I earned some extra money (which I should be seeing on Thursday–wh00t!).

I feel bad that I won’t be able to go to Kentucky for Christmas, but it’s only fair to Cheryl and Reid and Grandma Flo that we alternate. Besides, Christmas in Kentucky isn’t going to be the same as it usually is…there aren’t going to be any presents!

That isn’t the main reason for going, or even the reason I really like Christmas…but it will be different. I’m not sure what Mom’s going to do. But with the economy the way it is, no one can afford to buy anything.

I told Sean that since my parents aren’t doing Christmas, we don’t really need to either, but I still need to talk to Cheryl about it and see what she thinks. If they really want to give us presents, then we should at least get them something in return. I’m thinking I can score them a few gift certificates from 2go-Box, if nothing else.

(Speaking of Christmas, I was finally able to wear the black sweatshirt with the white snowflake pattern that Cheryl and Reid got me for Christmas last year. They ended up giving it to me months later, because we didn’t see each other at Christmas and then somehow didn’t see each other until spring, so I wasn’t able to wear it until now. In any case, it’s a bit big; Cheryl has trouble estimating my size, I think. But it’s a sweatshirt, so no big deal.)

Yesterday and today I had to scrape my windows before going to work. I keep forgetting to allow for this, though, and therefore I keep being late ;P

This morning when I headed down to my car, there was a sheriff’s vehicle parked next to it, and the car next to mine had its passenger window completely shattered. Two people, a man and a woman–I guess the owners of the car–were talking with the sheriffs.

All I could think was, “Please don’t let the cops see me hotwiring my car.” It would have been fun trying to explain that yes, it is my car, no, I didn’t steal it, the ignition switch is busted. Then they might ask me how exactly I knew how to make it start without a key. ;P

Fortunately, that didn’t happen…they drove off right as I was walking to my car, and they wouldn’t have been able to see me through the frost on the windows anyway.

I started the car and got out and scraped all the windows. I didn’t say anything to the guy and girl whose car had apparently been broken into. I didn’t really know what to say. I thought as I was silently scraping that it was probably odd for me to act like nothing was amiss, that I should say something to them. But I didn’t; I just went about my business, and eventually they headed back to their apartment and I drove away. People really are islands.

I forgot to put the rear wiper back down after scraping the window, so when I stopped at the Washington Road/Baston Road turn, I got out of the car and put it back down. I felt like a moron with it dangling off the back like that, but more importantly I was afraid it would break off or something.

Speaking of being a moron, I haven’t written at all in days, and my weight seems to be pretty much stuck. I need to write, and exercise, if I want to meet my goals. So I plan to do both today. Hopefully I’ll bike with Mari later today, but I’m not sure if it’ll work out…it’s getting dark so early now that we might not have time when she gets off work. I need to get a bike rack, and then I can just go up to North Augusta and wait for her rather than trying to have her pick me up. That will save some serious time.

I was supposed to bike with Brooke yesterday, but I started feeling sick, so I stayed in, ate chicken noodle soup, and lounged in my nightgown all day. This was apparently the right thing to do, because I feel fine today :) (And by the way, I love wearing my winter nightgown! I love long sleeves! I love snuggling into the extra blanket in bed!)

Speaking of snuggling in blankets, and other warm, delightful winter thoughts, Sean and I are thinking of going away to a cabin for our second anniversary :) I need to do some research, but back when I was planning our honeymoon, I found a few cabins in northern Georgia–in the Appalachians–that will probably do the trick :)

Last night I made a roast. I got this seasoning mix that came with a roasting bag, so I threw the roast in there with some potatoes, carrots, and onions, then poured the seasoning mix on and baked for 2 hours at 350. It was delicious! Good job, McCormick roasting bag! Tonight I’m planning to make sesame chicken. :)

This morning when I went to the bathroom before my daily weighing ;P, I saw something that may or may not have been blood. If it was blood, I could be having my period earlier than expected–I’m still on progesterone, until the 20th, and the period is supposed to start after I stop the progesterone. So, if I am having a period early, that means that my system is trying to work on its own, and I will need to let the endocrinologist know.

However, it might not have been blood.


I’m wearing a pad just in case. We’ll see. I’m obviously hoping that my body is repairing itself and starting to have its own periods.

You know…I’m just happy right now. I’m in a very good mood :)

This weekend, I’m going with Wanda to Christmas in the South, which is some kind of festival, with crafts and things. I don’t really know. I think it’ll be a great opportunity for Christmas-themed pictures, though. (If any of my friends are reading this and want to tag along, you’re more than welcome–let me know.)

I love Christmas. I really do. I’ve been thinking I’ll decorate for Christmas before we leave for Kentucky, but I’m not sure. I’ve also been thinking about rearranging the furniture in the living room, and that will take some doing, especially if I want to do it before I decorate. We’ll have to see what I feel up to doing this week. (Yes, I am crazy.)

Well, I feel like I could keep rambling forever, but I should probably try to see if there’s any work to do :> So I’ll sign off here.