~74 minutes at ~11mph

Those are approximate because I paused the timer and odometer during the times I rode around looking for the trail, or stopped and walked for safety, while I was downtown.

Yes friends, I rode from the Savannah Rapids Pavilion all the way down to Broad Street, lost the trail, found it again, and continued on under a big overpass and past a rehabilitation clinic. This was Very Far, farther than I’ve gone before. I reset the odometer without checking the distance when I got to the point where I turned around, just past the clinic, so I’m not sure how much distance I covered. On the way back from there, though, taking essentially the same route (I ended up on Washington Road briefly, but that led me to an exit which led me to Eve Street which led me back to the trail), I covered 7.18 miles.

That doesn’t seem like very far, does it?

Why does it take so long to drive from where I live to downtown?

I want to look at a map.

Regardless, if I’d stayed on Broad Street, I would have come to 13th Street, and then I could have headed over to North Augusta and gotten on the Greeneway. Would that have been a hoot, or what?

I feel great. What a good workout. And I’ve been losing a pound a day for the past couple days, which I don’t mind at all. I figure today makes up for not exercising yesterday, so hopefully I’ll lose some more by tomorrow.