Eric Burns is awesome

Check out this snippet from today’s “double-snark“:

Let me finish up the ComiXpress discussion by talking about quality of printing. This is black and white, including the cover (I believe that covers at least can be printed in color over at ComiXpress, but that’s not what Hynes and Grant elected to do). It’s about the right size for what we think of when we think of comic books, and it’s nicely put together. More to the point, my brain thinks “comic book” when I hold it, not “saddle stapled bunch of paper,” which is a good sign. It prints to glossy paper for the cover, and then what feels like a seventy pound laser safe paper for the interior. From the reproductive qualities, I assume it’s produced on the current generation of Docutech printer/copiers, or a competing brand that does the same thing as the Docutech. There is a little bit of streak in the greys, owing to xerographic instead of offset printing, but that’s expected and hardly a dealbreaker.

Yes, I used to work at Kinko’s. I own my McPast, damn it.

Does he rock, or what?

I was actually really impressed that he knew all that about the printing, just by feeling and looking at the paper. That’s the kind of knowledge you get by doing. I need more of that.