I want to go geocaching

I was thinking the other day, when I was deep in the woods on a trail and wasn’t sure where I was going, that it would be nice to have a GPS device. I’d heard of geocaching before, but I’d never quite been sure what it was, or remembered to look into it. Fortunately, MSN has an article about it today.

Doesn’t that sound cool? Check out how many caches are near 30907 (Augusta/Martinez, Georgia). This one sounds neat…I want to see the “labyrinth”!

So, I guess I can add a GPS device to my list of things I want but can’t afford ;>

Actually, the MSN article indicates that cell phones are working to add GPS capability. Nextel has already done so (I was aware of this, as we were using the GPS at work to track drivers back in the beginning). And since Nextel and Sprint are merging, I may get the chance to have my very own GPS phone soon. (I wonder if the service will be subscription-based…)