Just a quick note

I just typed “chick” instead of “quick”. What does that mean, Dr. Freud?

I’ve been busy lately…spent the end of last week working hard on menu updates and corrections and formatting, because we’re about to publish the menu guide!!! :D Going to work on that this morning too.

We also had an office Christmas party on Friday :)

This weekend has been busy with Christmas stuff, too…I went to Wanda’s house on Saturday and helped her with her tree, and then she and I and her daughter Beth went shopping: Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and JC Penney. At Penney’s I met up with Cheryl and Reid, and we did our Christmas shopping for each other and Grandma Flo. Then they gave me a ride back to Wanda’s house so I could get my car. We were out until after midnight!

Then yesterday I cleaned up, wrapped presents, and started my marathon of cookie baking. The peanut butter flavored Black Eyed Susans are done, and the spritz Christmas trees are just waiting to be coated in white chocolate :) I have three other types of cookie in the fridge waiting to be finished and baked, as well as those three balls of gingerbread dough I haven’t used yet. I’m thinking I’ll just make them into little men.

I also worked on Christmas cards…late as usual, and I’m still not done. Out of country people, expect yours very late. Others, you may still get them on time…if there’s a Christmas miracle or something…

Well, I need to get to work on those menus! Happy Holidays, everyone!