"Mmmmm. Sacrilicious."

[17:06:05] <COSLeia> Thirty-two pastry chefs in the southern Italian city of Naples unveiled on Saturday what they say is the biggest ever nativity scene made entirely of chocolate.

[17:06:05] <COSLeia> Over 4,500 hours and 7,275 pounds of chocolate have gone into creating the creche which is 19 feet, 8 inches wide, 9 feet, 10 inches high and — to the delight of chocoholics — totally edible.

[17:06:58] <Ironside> Wow. Human’s have a real talent for wasting time….and perfectly good chocolate

[17:07:18] <COSLeia> haha

[17:07:22] <Z_Archer> What’s a ‘Creche’?

[17:07:24] <COSLeia> well, they’re going to set it up downtown and let people eat it

[17:07:31] <COSLeia> a nativity scene

[17:07:39] <COSLeia> I guess that’s the French word for it

[17:07:44] <Z_Archer> Mmmmm. Sacrilicious.

[17:08:24] <Ironside> heh

[17:08:47] <Ironside> But will people be able to eat the baby jesus?

[17:09:00] <Z_Archer> Once he’s broken into edible pieces, yes.

[17:09:14] <Ironside> LOL

[17:09:56] <Z_Archer> Being able to eat a baby-jesus sized chocolate… You’d have to be pretty confident about your weight.