Sick bastard

The “Nara schoolgirl killer” needs a new nickname. May I suggest “friend or close relation to the Ariyama family”? After all, now he’s targeting Kaede’s 2-year-old sister.

I want this terrorist murderer caught, tried, convicted, and punished to the full extent of the law. You watch, though. When he is caught, he’ll thank the police, saying, “I’m glad I was arrested. I couldn’t stop myself.

I’ve been thinking about highly-structured communities and the effects they might have on people. Yesterday I was musing fondly about how it might be to go to a Catholic church–I would know what I was doing far more often, due to the rituals and the guidance from the Pope. But people who grow up in a more rigid culture seem to end up wanting to break out of it more than anything.

So I’m wondering if this killer has broken free of whatever societal constraints held him–“I was a mere salaryman, scraping for cash, drunk every day, living in a shoebox, but now I’m a murderer”–and is now searching for a way back in. Having grasped the “freedom” he wanted, he just kept going until it got out of hand, and now he doesn’t know what to do other than grow so radical that the system finally stops him.

(Please bear in mind that I have never even attended a psychology course.)