Yesterday was a little emotional, wasn’t it?

I’m better now. Yesterday was more productive than usual–the previous two days, I’d taken long naps in lieu of getting anything done. Too much sleep can be a bad thing.

This morning, after going to bed at 9:45 and getting up promptly at 5, I feel refreshed.

Yesterday’s schedule was interesting. I’m thinking of making it my regular routine. I got up, took my pills, got dressed, and ate my breakfast as usual. Work was typical; I left at 10. After piddling around for a couple hours at home, I went biking, and when I got home I took my first shower of the day. Then I planned this week’s dinner menus, and ran out to the grocery store to pick everything up. When I got home, Sean was there, and I started fixing dinner–a mixed greens and baked chicken salad, with a side of fettucine alfredo. While we were waiting for the chicken to cook, we snuggled in bed together.

After dinner, I got online and messed around some more, and cleaned up the dishes, and finally went to bed on time.

It was a good day. I got the grocery shopping done, I exercised, and I made dinner. Those last two are things I want to do every day, and the first should be weekly or biweekly. I’m not sure when or why I stopped doing my old routine, but this one seems comfortable. Taking a shower in the afternoon seems to revitalize me for the rest of the day, too.

I feel a little grubby this morning, though. Maybe I should do a sponge bath in the mornings, if I’m going to leave my shower for the afternoon.

Progesterone starts tomorrow. And, speaking of pills, I’ve decided to cut my multivitamins in half–that is, take half a pill a day, instead of a whole one. Getting too many minerals can be bad. I’m going to be eating more green food this next week (and hopefully permanently), and I don’t want to overdo it on anything.

So, after work today, I’ll be going biking again. I haven’t decided which trail I want to go to. If I go to the Greeneway, I may go to the Activities Center to park, instead of Martintown Road. That way, I’ll have a nice decline to ride down at the end of my workout. We’ll see. (At this point, I don’t want to try starting from the other end…though that may come in the future.)

I’m also wondering if I should try to start up my morning workout again. Maybe not as intense…maybe just some good stretching and warming up for the day. If I do that, of course, then I’ll have to shower afterwards, and I’d end up taking two showers a day. I guess I don’t mind being super-clean, but it just seems like a waste–plus, the more you shower, the less healthy your skin is, or so I understand anyway. So I’m not sure on that.

Creating a good schedule is hard now because of Sean’s new rotating shifts. One week he works 7 to 3, one week 1 to 10, and the other two weeks are his original 9 to 6. I need to stop and think about how I can break up the things I want/need to do to match that schedule…so that I can be home when he’s home, and so that I can get things done when he’s not.

And, finally, I need to decorate my Christmas tree, and organize my desks–computer, and “study”. The study desk is basically ready, but I need to get some junk out of it that I don’t need anymore, and put some supplies there so I can sit down and study Japanese whenever I want. My computer desk is just messy, as usual ;P

Oh. And I really should finish reading Getting Things Done…;P