"There’s a boogie in your nose." "Oh, dear!"

So, I just got this email from Slate, regarding Microsoft’s sale of said magazine to the Washington Post.

Our records indicate that you have signed up for certain Slate Magazine services, such as a newsletter subscription or “the Fray” readers forum. In order to permit the new owners of Slate Magazine to maintain your account and continue providing you with these Slate Magazine services, Microsoft intends to transfer your name and email address to WPNI.

No biggie. I’d like to continue receiving Dear Prudence in my email, though email subscriptions seem horribly outdated to me now.

This is the reason I’m posting about it:

However, if you do not consent to having your information transfered as part of this sale, you may opt-out by sending a notice to optout@slate.com before Januray 10, 2005.

Well! I guess I have some time then! It won’t be Januray until ever!