This is the best thing I’ve heard all day.

Yahoo! News: Oddly Enough – Taxi Driver Shoots Man in Bin Laden Mask

Leonel Arias, 47, told police he was playing a practical joke by donning the Bin Laden mask, toting his pellet rifle and jumping out to scare drivers on a narrow street in his hometown, Carrizal de Alajuela, about 20 miles north of San Jose.

Arias had startled several drivers that way on Monday afternoon. But when he jumped out in front of taxi driver Juan Pablo Sandoval, the motorist reached for a gun and shot him twice in the stomach.

Go Sandoval! Too bad it wasn’t really Bin Laden ;P

Seriously, if Osama Bin Laden jumped out in front of your car waving a gun, what would you do? (Since I don’t have a gun, I’d probably just run him over.)

Police declined to detain Sandoval, saying he had believed he was acting in self-defense.

Damn straight he was.