Tsunami videos

This is a torrent for four videos of the tsunamis as they came ashore.

Here is a torrent with five more.

I’ve finished downloading the first set, and I’ve watched them.

They looked different than what I expected. I guess I was thinking there would be a huge wall of water that towered above everything and then smashed down. This is more like a huge wall of water that just keeps moving forward, so that it’s difficult to tell the scale. You really only get a good idea when you start to see things being swept away.

The last video in the file, tsunamiphuket3.wmv, is probably the best one in terms of showing the danger people faced. I really wonder how that guy managed to get footage like that and not get sucked into the water.

I’m presently downloading the second batch.

[Edit]: I just watched the second batch. In that one, Tsunami1.asf is the best at depicting what happens. I could see the huge wave rising up and crashing in. It was like it came out of nowhere.

The weird thing about the movies where the waves first start up is that it seems like people were standing there waiting for them to happen. I read somewhere that there are people who go out on the beach during tsunami warnings just so they can see them. What are they, nuts?