Weird dreams

I had some weird dreams last night, due to being upset I suppose.

In one of the dreams, I was using the cookie press/icing pump that Mom sent me to pour chocolate everywhere. Connor and Logan and this other kid were there. Connor asked if he could use the pump to put chocolate on his cookies for lunch. I said sure, if it was okay with Dad. AJ, however, said, “You had cookies for breakfast, and you’re having cookies for dinner. You don’t need to have cookies for lunch.”

Connor went into a corner, facing it, and started crying really loudly. I knew he would get into trouble for throwing a fit, so I ran over to him quickly. As I did so, I heard Logan starting to cry, too. I had to act fast.

“Connor,” I said, “don’t cry. If you cry, Daddy will get mad, and then no one will be happy. Don’t worry, you can have cookies at dinner. It’s okay not to have them at lunch, right?”

As I was speaking and hugging Connor, Logan ran up and started hugging me too. Both of them calmed down and stopped fussing after awhile. Disaster averted!

That was one of the dreams. The other two I’m thinking of (I know there were more) were both naked dreams. In the first naked dream, I was at the office. In the morning, no one is usually here, and I suppose that’s why I wasn’t wearing a shirt. Dream logic. However, when I went out of the office to head into Robert’s to get something, I saw a woman standing in the hallway. She had blond hair, so I’m thinking she was Tracy, who works at the end of the hall. I quickly covered myself and ducked back into the office. As I frantically searched for my shirt, I realized that the blinds were all open, and, since it was dark outside and bright inside, I had been giving everyone full view of the shirtless me.

The second naked dream was weirder still. I was at home, completely topless this time, and someone was moving in next door. Only it wasn’t across the way, like normal. These people’s new apartment could only be reached by going through our apartment, in through our front door and then down a hall that was approximately where our bedroom is now. This means that when they were all coming in, they could see straight into my living room…just as I was walking towards the door. I shrieked and covered up, and they all said “Sorry”, but then they simply continued to come in and move their stuff. I was confused, because the hallway to their apartment was where my bedroom should be, so I didn’t know where to go to find clothes.

I’m not sure what that was all about.