When Tycho turns a phrase, he really turns a phrase

Sometimes Tycho’s going for something when he writes, and I can kind of see where he’s going, but he doesn’t quite make it. Other times, he’s dead on. Today’s rantlet* on file sharing fits the latter category.

This sentence, and many others like it, brings joy to the depths of my language-loving soul.

This would have happened anyway of course, but just as the injudicious use of antibiotics creates devastating and unstoppable pathogens these applications will reach a true apex of distributed power, jamming a spigot into the very heart of pay media.

Check it out. First post, item II.

(I originally wrote “essaylet”, which I like better, but it’s hard to pronounce, which automatically knocks it out of the running for “cool new word that will soon be printed in the New York Times”. “Rantlet” it is.)