Ariel Sharon is stupid

From Yahoo! News:

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon will refuse to meet Mahmoud Abbas until the new Palestinian leader moves against militant groups behind an attack that killed six Israelis in Gaza, Sharon’s spokesman said on Friday.

“Israel is severing all planned contacts with the Palestinians on all levels, from security to government leadership,” spokesman Assaf Shariv said, a day after the assault that defied Abbas’s calls for non-violence.

“Everything is canceled until they take steps against terror, so we can see there is not only talk but also action. Abbas knows who carried out the attack, so he will be the one to stop them. It’s very easy,” he said.

Oh, yeah, that’s great. Being an asshole about it is sure to get Abbas to want to work with you.

Jesus, Sharon. There’s a time for strongarming, but this is obviously not it. Get over yourself, get off your damn high horse, and work for fucking peace already.