Building good habits

I biked to work again today. It wasn’t as cold today (~54°) as it was yesterday (~49°), so I was able to wear the jacket Grandma gave me instead of my big Land’s End coat. I also got smart this time and brought my backpack; my dinky purse and camera bag are swallowed by the thing, so I was easily able to include my breakfast (bowl, spoon, and Apple & Cinammon oatmeal) as well. When I head home in a few hours, I can stuff my jacket in there too, as it’s supposed to get to like 75° today.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep doing it every day from now on; that’s a big adjustment. But I didn’t feel exhausted when I got here, which is promising. There’s one point on Pleasant Home that is annoyingly uphill, but it doesn’t last too long, and it’s much better on the way home. I think I can really keep this up; I just don’t want to burn myself out right at the beginning.

Yesterday I ate leftover pizza for lunch and then had Chinese food for dinner (Hunan Cafe rules, although the crab rangoon was overcooked). This bumped my weight up by 2.5 pounds this morning, but as long as I’m good from now on that should only be temporary. (The number could be off anyway, as I was unable to, er, properly use the restroom this morning. Maybe I’ll take Cheryl’s advice and start eating pineapple before bed.)

(Side note: I just revised two ellipses out of my last paragraph. Down with the ellipsis!)

Anyway, biking to work is a good thing. I’m glad I’m doing it. It guarantees that I will get at least some exercise every workday!