Health update

I went to the endocrinologist today, for a followup. I had the usual measurements taken: pulse, blood pressure, weight. Weight is down (obviously, though apparently my clothes and breakfast weigh 4 pounds), pulse is also down (70-something, I just remember being amazed that it wasn’t 90), but blood pressure is still icky at 130/90. I’m going to be checking it in the mornings and evenings again to see how it goes…maybe it’s just high because I’m nervous about that thing I refuse to blog about. I also made an appointment for later today with a regular physician, because the endocrinologist was really on my case about it today. She wants to know what the deal is with my blood pressure–can’t really blame her for that.

I’m going to continue with my hormone treatments through February and March. In February I will have a blood test on day 2 or 3 of my period. At the end of March, based on the blood test results, we will decide whether or not to continue treatment. After stopping the hormones, we’d wait 4-6 months to see if my body returns to having periods normally. The doctor is optimistic about it.

She was proud of me for losing weight, but she was unhappy with my blood pressure, so along with strongarming me into going to a regular doctor, she told me to cut down on my sodium intake.

This is going to be really hard. For example, the bowl of Campbell’s Chunky Soup I’m eating right now has 1740 grams of sodium in it…290 more than DietPower recommends. With one meal, I’ve grossly overblown my daily allowance.

I’m going to have to give up on boxed and canned meals, and try to make things naturally, and avoid salting things. I can only assume that eating out isn’t a good idea either.

If anyone has any tips on limiting sodium (Mari, I know you went through this), please comment!