Holy cow, there are a ton of cool movies coming out this year

I was checking out MSN’s “10 for ’05” movie preview article, and it was amazing–I wanted to see pretty much every single movie they mentioned. I mean, check it out.

Batman Begins is finally coming out. I am dying to see this movie, especially since the villain is the splendid Ra’s Al Ghul.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire will appear in November. The actors are too old for the parts, really, but I think this one should work out okay–if the director and writers managed to deal with the uberlength of the book, and found some way to translate those ellipses into screen tension. ;>

Mr. and Mrs. Smith looks fantastic and fun. I loved True Lies.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory…now, I’ll admit, I’m not really into Depp’s hair for this one. But come on. Roald Dahl’s unnerving insight into kid justice + Johnny Depp + Tim Burton = good movie.

I’m attracted to Sin City purely based on the cast and MSN’s brief premise blurb.

I have to see Revenge of the Sith, obviously. Here’s hoping it won’t suck. (And here‘s why it probably will suck, if you missed my rant before.)

War of the Worlds and King Kong are movies I will probably see out of a sense of respect for science fiction canon. I’m not supremely excited about them, but I’m excited at the idea that there are movies like these out there.

Fantastic Four!

Even Memoirs of a Geisha, which is based on a book that may or may not (oooh, implicature) be a breach of confidentiality and a betrayal of trust on the part of Arthur Golden, is appealing to me, especially after seeing Hero. I don’t know, some of my previous ire seems to have bled away, and now I’d just like to see what the filmmakers have done with the story. I’m hoping they can capture some of the mystical feel that was so vivid in Hero.

So yeah. About the only thing that could make this year better would be Spider-Man 3. (2007 ;_;)