I feel terrible

I’m tired and crabby. That alone would be okay I guess. But as I was leaning over to read the teeny tiny print on the new Famous Dave’s menu updates, I felt a sudden surge of bile in my throat, and I coughed and swallowed at once.

Now I feel just like Thomas Covenant during the beginning of the Quest, when Drool kept reaching out and “biting” him with the power of the Staff of Law. I’m afraid to move or cough improperly lest I feel like vomiting. I even had to put a post-it over the picture of Dave on this menu, because he’s holding a huge rack of ribs and his mouth is wide open, and the sight makes me sick to my stomach.

So yes, I would rather be at home, reading Lord Foul’s Bane, than here, squinting at small print and editing database entries.

Ah well. Such is life.