I have defeated you, Old Man Winter!


Seriously, the two pairs of pants were really helpful. I think I could have done with boots rather than sneakers. I had some snow boots at one point, but I think they got smushed and partially melted in my car and I threw them away. My ears were nice and cozy due to the toboggan, and my hands were fine with the gloves. My legs started to get a little chilly towards the end of the ride. My nose, though relatively unprotected, was okay because I had my coat zipped up all the way, and it actually reaches up to my nose, meaning my warm breath was trapped there to keep things cozy. It didn’t even matter that my hair was wet; I didn’t even really notice it until I arrived, took off the coat and toboggan, and thought, “Did I really sweat this much?” Then I remembered that I took a shower ;>

And I wasn’t late! Yay!