Kobayashi wants to die

Or does he?

From Mainichi:

Kaoru Kobayashi, 36, a former worker for a Mainichi Shimbun sales agent, has told investigators that he initially denied the allegations and wouldn’t cooperate with investigators because he wanted to be sentenced to death.

“I thought I would be punished with the death penalty if I damaged investigators’ impression of me,” he said.

Is this reverse psychology? Ridiculously stupid reverse psychology? (Granted, Kobayashi has already proven that he’s missing a few brain cells.)

Or was I on the right track before? Was he dissatisfied with his life, trying to break free of the mold? Was his eventual goal to be stopped and to gain “redemption” by being punished by his culture?

I’d like to know what drives people to commit such sick acts.

In the meantime, why not give Kobayashi his wish?