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Okay, I’ve discovered that comment_post_ID has the same value as the post_ID of the post it goes with. Makes things easier, doesn’t it? So, if I can assign comment_post_ID the same value as post_ID (by keeping it within the “for” loop, I think), I should be able to get the comments. Somehow. I can’t run it as two separate processes like I mentioned in the previous post, because it’s not guaranteed when I start the process what post numbers the posts will get. You’d think that the first post would get 1, the second would get 2, and so on down the line, and that is superficially how it’s supposed to work, but the importer has a bug that causes blank posts to show up here and there, and I can’t predict where those will occur. If I just ran the separate importer and crossed my fingers, I would probably end up with some comments assigned to posts that don’t exist.

Fun, huh?

Time to mess with the importer code some more…