Proposed calendar puts every date on the same weekday each year

From New Scientist, via BoingBoing.

The proposed calendar would make figuring out holidays, and college course schedules, much easier. That “extra week” every five or six years is interesting, too…it means a cluster of time that is unrelated to anything, which is kind of wild, and it also means that the seasons would shift just a little bit until the week was reached, and then snap back into place.

The idea is bizarre, but it could work.

His other idea, that everyone should operate on GMT, is also interesting. Nowadays, we can say “What time is it there?” to our friends in other countries in order to get an idea of what they’re up to. If everyone operated on GMT, we’d instead have to either ask directly what they were doing, or ask “What time of day is it there?”, or come up with a whole new paradigm in our heads to cover the timezone difference. I don’t know, I think the calendar idea has more merit.

Still, I don’t really think either of them would catch on.