Scary dreams

I rather suddenly just remembered what I dreamed last night. There was a weapon (probably an HPM ray, because I had just seen one in an episode of Lois & Clark) that was going to be used on cities in the world, and I was looking at some sort of screen that showed the primary possible targets.

#1 was Lexington, Kentucky. #2 was Louisville.

The screen zoomed in on a map of Kentucky and showed Lexington, then cut to live feed of a building that in my dream I recognized as being a tourist information building near the UK campus (but which actually doesn’t exist). The camera just stayed on the front of that building, as if it was the reason the city was targeted.

A voice-over was saying that while there are plenty of bigger targets to choose from, Lexington was the best choice because it was in the heartland, and because it was where the weapon was originally conceived.

I was just terrified.

I’ve had several strange dreams lately. The other day, I dreamed my period started up again (it just ended on Thursday), and it was too heavy to stop by normal means, so I was just bleeding all over the place. It was really upsetting; I actually woke up from that one.

I imagine these dreams are products of my subconscious nervousness. I’m waiting to hear word about something that’s very important to me (again, that thing I’ll tell you all about in due time). I want it so badly. The waiting is affecting every aspect of my life.

While the dreams are morbidly fascinating, I’ll be glad when my nights are peaceful again.