Scott Kurtz does it again

From the PvP blog:

Many of you have heard of the hit comic strip Megatokyo, but how many of you know that the strip was originally created by a team. Rodney Caston, aka largo, was the original writer of Megatokyo before Fred Gallagher, aka Piro, took the strip over full time.

Rodney is local to the Dallas Fort Worth area. He’s a good friend. Wek keep in touch but don’t see each other as often as we should. Such is the way of adult life, I guess. That’s something I need to correct.

Anyway, I just got news that Rodney and his wife, Ruby, are expecting their first child. So everbody lift a virtual mug and join me in toast! Congrats guys, we’re all extremely happy for you.

Luckily, this is one of Rodney’s creations that Fred can’t steal out from under him.

Oh yeah…I went there.


(Yes, I remember when Rodney left. That was when Megatokyo stopped being funny.)