Some good reading

Sam has a great post up, covering two completely different subjects. The first bit is a response to the article I linked earlier today about Aubrey de Grey. It is the most interesting part of Sam’s post to me; in fact, it made me think of this post I made this morning about eliminating extreme poverty. I wondered, after I posted it, if it could ever really happen, if the richer nations would take responsibility and give what they needed to. It made me seriously want to write a letter to my president, and I may yet do that. Sam’s discussion of ethics broadens that topic to a general responsibility for our actions that many feel is lacking in the world.

The second part of his post is a nice discussion of issues of masculine and feminine roles in our society, and is also well worth reading. For me a lot of it seemed to be common sense. What’s interesting (and a little irritating) is that that sort of opinion may not be all that common.