Starting again

My fasting the other day seemed to completely destroy DietPower’s ability to gauge my metabolism. For the past three days it has given me something like 746 calories, total.

On the first day, I went biking to earn a few more calories. Yesterday, I didn’t do anything, and instead gave up and ate way too much pizza.

Today, I decided that 746 calories is ridiculous. I started my diet over again, telling DietPower to ignore its data on my metabolism and base its calculation on my weight, height, and age. I also changed the end date of the diet, and my goal weight.

It’s going to be slower than I was hoping to lose all the weight, and I’d like to meet a goal this year instead of just work towards one forever, so rather than spread out my weight loss goals over two years, I calculated what I might realistically lose this year and set the end date for January 1, 2006. Getting to my ideal weight will have to wait until that year; at this point, I would just like to get down to around where I was when I first got out of the hospital, or where I was when I first met Sean. (I’d gained weight after leaving the hospital, then lost it over six months doing the Atkins program. Since Atkins was having an effect on my kidney function, I gave up on that, and gained all the weight back.)

So, here’s to new beginnings. Hopefully this more realistic goal will keep DietPower from starving me.