T Campbell has pissed me off today.

From Fans!.

Oh, ha, ha. That’s hilarious. Pardon me while I attempt to rein in my overwhelming giggles.

Because obviously, if someone disagrees with my politics, they are either 1) Evil, or 2) Too stupid to do anything but listen to Evil people. My opinions are, of course, infallible.

Yes, this comic hits the nail right on the head. Oh however did you get so clever, Mr. Campbell?

I think if it had been someone other than Campbell it wouldn’t have bothered me so much. Usually when I see oversimplified “ha ha Bush is stupid” comic strips I either ignore them, or, if they’ve become too much a part of the comic, stop reading that comic.

But T’s known for good character development. He’s not simpleminded when it comes to personalities. I am accustomed to intelligent plots in Fans!, not gross oversimplifications and political prejudice. I find my own intelligence insulted whenever I try to imagine why he’d turn off his brilliant writer’s mind and portray the President like this.

He damn well better surprise me tomorrow.