Ack–fire in Nicholasville [or not?]

Three buildings in downtown Nicholasville burned down last Thursday. ( is great, but its RSS news isn’t exactly timely, is it?)

The fire began in a thrift shop at about 1:30 p.m. on South Main Street between West Chestnut Street and East Maple Street. The fire spread to a pool hall next door and quickly escalated from a two-alarm to a four alarm fire. In all, at least three buildings are damaged, two that are a total loss. The fire continued to burn into the evening.

My family could get to that area in like, three minutes. (Nicholasville’s kind of small, and they all essentially live “downtown” anyway.) I’m glad the fire didn’t spread (it would take a lot to spread to my family’s homes, but you know), and I hope no one was hurt.

[Edit 13:44: AJ sez,

Eh. Don’t know what’s up with that fire you mentioned. Downtown got the shit burned out of it a few months ago, though. Didn’t hear about it happening again.

Perhaps this article is not simply a week old…but months and months old!!]