Analyze these dreams!

I had a dream last night that I got four letters–there were really just two, but for some reason I received two copies of each–in regards to job applications I’d made for positions in Japan. The first one I opened was apparently for a job at Disney. I remembered that the application had involved a discussion of the character Gadget from Chip-n-Dale Rescue Rangers.

The first paragraph was just a couple of sentences long, and it went something like “No, no, the answer is no!” The following paragraph stated, “Do not hate me for this decision, for it must be made! The true brilliance of Tokyo Disney [it was something like that, can’t remember exactly] can only be seen in person. I invite you to visit!” Enclosed was a photo of the staff room. There, on the wall, was a picture of Gadget (and as I recall, she was in a very weird position, like she was trying to limbo or something).

I read the letter aloud to Sean, then cried, “There’s a picture of Gadget here! I was supposed to mention it on my application! It was a test! Dammit!”

The other letter was another rejection that I don’t really remember.

There was a subplot in my dream about a character who was Brooke, except she was shorter and had brown hair and she was taking care of a small girl. She wasn’t being careful about the things she touched, and someone had ended up giving her some sort of disease. “Did you wash your hands after talking with the taxi driver?” a lawyer asked. “No,” Brooke said, as if it was silly to do so, and insulting to the taxi driver. The lawyer and I looked at each other and nodded grimly; this was obviously the cause.

Later, I wandered around in some sort of store that was filled with Valentine’s Day pillows.