I’m so out of it :>

I decided on a complete whim to poke around the Alchemy website today. Alchemy is Mari’s bellydance troupe. Glancing at their Events section, I noticed that they’re going to a masked ball tonight at a nightclub in the Augusta Towers hotel.

Doesn’t that sound cool? I wish I had a costume, or a beautiful dress to wear. (The only fine gown I have is my wedding dress, which probably wouldn’t work ;> I do still have the dress I wore as a bridesmaid in AJ and Faye’s wedding, but I don’t think it’s fancy enough. And I’m not sure if either that dress or my wedding dress would even fit anymore…)

Ah well. I’d need $20 to get in, anyway…

But this just proves that I need to start using a calendar! Something like what Josh does (RSS Calendar), maybe, or something else. Any calendar software suggestions? Something that would work in a WordPress theme would be ideal.