Lose weight: brush your teeth

From Yahoo! News – Oddly Enough:

In a survey of the everyday habits of nearly 14,000 people whose average age was in their mid-40s, Dr. Takashi Wada of Jikei University in Tokyo found that those who managed to stay slim tended to brush their teeth after every meal.

Actually, I’ve theorized about this for some time. After all, who wants to eat after they’ve just brushed their teeth? Not only does eating negate all the work you just did (:>), but food mixed with toothpaste tastes terrible.

However, just because I feel that this is a valid exercise doesn’t mean I’ve ever practiced it. These days, I eat breakfast at work (meaning I have to brush before breakfast, something I used to abhor), I eat lunch right when I get home and do not brush afterwards, and then at night I only brush right before going to bed.

I may want to change these habits…at least the lunch and dinner ones. We’ll see!