New blog

I actually looked at Bloglines’ recommendations for a change, and one of them stood out: rantings [b e a u t i f u l]. I like her tagline: “honesty. what a concept.” Reminds me of…me! So I subscribed, and we’ll see how it goes :)

There was one really cool entry I wanted to highlight here. It’s called “The Morning After…“, and here’s the part I really liked:

One more thing, women: If you are ever upset with your significant other, go to him and tell him why. Don’t wait for him to ask and then reply with “nothing” hoping he’ll push for further details. Don’t leave the room and hope he’ll follow. Don’t play the martyr for sympathy. And don’t, and I emphasize DON’T refuse to tell him and then expect him to know why – that whole “If you don’t know I’m not telling you” crap. You’d be amazed at how quickly so many issues can be completely resolved when you approach a guy in the straightforward, logical manner in which his brain is wired. What a concept.

It’s really hard to avoid acting like, well, a girl :> I’ve had my problems with it in the past. But really, it does no one any good to bottle feelings up…and how can he help if he doesn’t know what’s wrong?