New Blog

One of the nice things about Bloglines is that it tells me when other Bloglines users have subscribed to my blog (yes, I’m subscribed to my own blog, shut up). Today I noticed a new name in the list of 6 subscribers (of which only three are public), Josh Centers. (Actually, it said “jcenters”, and I had to scour his Bloglines feeds until I found a post with a link back to his main blog. That’s the one drawback of the subscribers thing.)

His blog looks interesting. I have to be honest here, I am intrigued by the fact that he appears to be in a nontraditional relationship with two girls. But I also think he’s good at expressing himself through writing, and if nothing else he lives in Kentucky ;> So I’m going to blogroll him, I think.

(Side note: I tried to post this at like, 8:00. Blogger sucks.)