News roundup

When I shift my blog over to WordPress, I’m thinking about adopting Derik‘s idea about using as a “clip blog” (the “Supplement” part of his sidebar pulls his 10 most recent additions to I make a lot of brief posts that relate to the news, and these push my more lengthy discussions and rambles, the things I really want people to see, out of the limelight.

Luke deals with this problem by embedding a second blog in his main blog. This way, people are still able to comment on his clip entries. That’s a thought, too.

I was also thinking of simply establishing a category in WordPress for news-ish posts, because that way people could easily get to my more journal-y posts (by clicking that category), and yet could still comment on the clip posts. I may end up doing this, ultimately. I don’t think that my news clips are less important just because they’re short. All of my posts ultimately give the reader insight into my personality, which is the entire point of this blog.

At any rate, there’s a lot of news today:

Lesbians are the “new” (10 years new) sweeps gimmick. (Via Jen Garrett.)

Here’s an interesting piece concerning the problems with ecommerce websites and their requirements for user logins. I’ve seen people get really up in arms about this at 2go-Box. “Why can’t I delete my account? I don’t want to have an account anymore. Delete my account!” (Via BoingBoing.)

Here’s a hotel at which I would be terrified to stay. (No sentence-terminal prepositions here, bucko.) And yet, I am compelled. I would love every minute of it, I just know it.

Hitler is still getting mail. I am intrigued by the fact that the postcard “arrived at its intended destination”. How exactly is that possible?

The FAA has drafted some guidelines for commercial spaceflight.

Businesses in North Augusta are buying up inexpensive property on West Avenue because of its curb appeal: many of the shops are renovated vintage homes. I wouldn’t mind working in one of those :)

There has been a delay in plans to set up a nuclear fuel plant at SRS. I don’t really know a lot about SRS, though I’ve heard stories, such as: 1) People who work out there get paid a lot of money, because they end up sterile. 2) There’s a long stretch of nothingness as you’re driving past on the highway, and all of a sudden a huge white dome looms in front of you. Somehow, you never saw it on your approach, and it soon disappears. 3) There are guards there along the highway, and if you spend too much time in the area–stopping for photos, perhaps, rather than simply driving straight through–they will come and get you and escort you out. So, yeah; SRS has always seemed spooky to me. I want to visit, and yet…don’t.

And finally…you’ve all heard by now about North Korea (President Bush: “Okay, so, nuclear weapons are bad.” Kim Jong Il: “You’re not the boss of me!”). Here’s Japan’s reaction. (I want to note that right now, the top stories on are “Why Some Men Cheat”, “Women: What to Wear on Feb. 14”, and “6 Signs You Should Quit Your Job”. I guess Pyongyang’s announcement doesn’t warrant permanent highlighting. But I remember that when Sean and I were in Japan for our honeymoon, there was a news program on TV highlighting how Pyongyang might fire missiles at Japan, and what steps could be taken to intercept the missiles. I remember being extremely disconcerted by this notion. The war in Iraq began a few days after we got home.)