Now I’m tired, and I hate Blogger

I had a post written. It wasn’t huge, but you know, it had information in it that I don’t feel like rewriting. And what does Blogger do, but have some kind of server error. Yet again. I’ve gotten in the habit lately of copying my text into Notepad before posting, so I won’t lose it. I don’t know why I didn’t do it this time.


After my lengthy lunch break, I took a shower. Then I watched the tour of the Getting Things Done Outlook Add-In. The upshot is that it seems like a good tool, but I’m not sure I want to use it, because I don’t want to have to change all my settings back if I end up not liking it. However, this could just be an attitude based on the fact that I’m tired from watching the demo thing, and from thinking about all the stuff I want to accomplish. It’s overwhelming, and I need to buckle down and find the right tools. If I have to go back and try something else, that’s just what I’ll have to do.

I’ll check in later after I’ve installed the free trial and checked it out some.