The worst thing about this is that I can’t just dive into my regular work, because I’m essentially out of things to do.

Oh well, at least there’s the Intarweb.

Slashdot has a story about a computer that has cracked 5×5 go. This would have made an interesting plot point in Hikaru no Go. Maybe. If they hadn’t freaking ended the show without a real ending!



I guess getting invited to Bush’s ranch is a huge thing, because Reuters (via Yahoo! News) can’t seem to get enough of it in this piece about Bush’s recent meeting with French president Jacques Chirac. I’m glad at least to see the president trying to reconcile. And I’m glad President Chirac is so open to it!

Designer knockoffs for the homeless! This is a very cool story. I mean, if people absolutely have to be homeless, which sucks, at least they should have some dignity. And they seem to like the clothes :)

Okay, now back to taking deep, long breaths.