To the MAX!

Oh my god, Brian Clevinger (you know, 8-Bit Theater, Nuklear Age) posted the most hi-larious rant on the recent comic. (Scroll to the bottom of that page.)

Loonatics, man! ‘Cause they’re CRAZY. They make regular x-treme look, like, y’know, something so not x-treme you can’t think of a word for it. You can’t talk about them without excessive use of BOLD ITACLIC CAPS, MAN, TO THE MAX!

I find the philosophy behind being a television or Hollywood executive fascinating. Apparently these are people utterly devoid of taste or culture. They are completely without a sense of what is good. It’s like how sociopaths are incapable of feeling empathy. They can maim and kill and torture people because they are hardwired not to understand that it’s bad to do that. You can’t fix these people, they are broken from the factory and need to be destroyed after studying how fucked up they are so we can identify and destroy them better in the future.

That’s what these executives are like, only instead of lacking empathy — which they may very well also lack — they lack a sense of what good is. The rest of humanity has it. Sure, we might disagree about specifics, but there are certain instances where crap is crap and no one can deny it. I’m not saying Catwoman was one such movie, but it was.

Go read the rest, seriously. It’s a hoot.