Too many links

Lots of cool/bizarre/interesting stuff in the news today.

Via Slashdot, a guy who makes sushi with an inkjet printer.

Via BoingBoing, a mermaid baby.

Also via BoingBoing, strappy shoes with spring-loaded heels. I like these!

I am offended! I bought this painting, maybe 10 years ago! It’s in my parents’ family room at this very moment. “Thrift store painting improvement”, says Mark Frauenfelder. Improvement? Bah!

Oh my god, moles are ugly.

Just shut up, Crown Prince Phillipe. You’re a hood ornament! How dare you interfere in the affairs of your country?

So there’s a guy who wrote a book about the Age of Anxiety:

His often acerbic dictionary-style guide is an indictment of the self absorption of the affluent West, and the growing tendency to categorize rather than celebrate eccentricity.

“In this country, we just have so much of everything and so much time to analyse ourselves. We seem to medicalise oddity and quirkiness.”

In other news, Japan rules. I want to go to the observation bath! (Hmm…is it co-ed?)

Education is important.

It’s Setsubun, so let’s scatter some soybeans around and eat some futomaki.

And that’s it for now :>