I am so bored that I am actually pouting.

This is ridiculous.

My brow is all furrowed, and my mouth is bent into a frown, and I feel like I might burst into tears, or throw something, at any minute. I keep stalking around the apartment looking for something to engage me, but finding nothing. I don’t feel like watching anything else. I don’t feel like reading at all. Making lunches for tomorrow is boring. Heating up leftovers is boring and even unappetizing, even though the leftovers are delicious pizza and Chinese food. I feel like it would be a chore to eat because I would have nothing to do while I was eating. I keep thinking about just going for a drive, but I have nowhere to go, and the actual driving sounds boring. I don’t want to drive around aimlessly and waste gas. I thought about going in to work for a couple of hours of data entry, but I really don’t want to do that.

I don’t know what this is. Am I so used to having a zillion things to do all day, from the past two weeks of 8-10 hour days, that I can’t handle some down time? In my free time between working and sleeping, all I’ve really done is watch anime, and now I’m out of stuff to watch. Is that what the problem is?

Argh! This is so irritating! I want something to do that isn’t at my freaking computer! But I’m so much at a loss that my best option seems to be to just go to bed. At 7:25 pm!