I guess I feel well enough to go to work today.


I’m going to bike there, though. We got a complaint about my bike being in the lobby, so I’ll bring it into our office. Robert’s out of town so it’s not like he’ll be charging into the office and tripping over it on his way to the printers or something.

Yesterday I made apple crisp and brownies, and partook of both. I also ate a Hershey bar, half of a 7 Layer Burrito from Taco Bell, the remainders of Sean’s French Dip sandwich from Friday’s from the other day, two Eggos with Country Crock and syrup, a can of Baked Potato with Steak and Cheese Chunky Soup, and a Philly Cheese Lean Pocket.

I just felt hungry. Not in the good way. In the “I’m so empty, I need something to fill myself up” way. I didn’t eat so much that I got sick…because I never quite felt full. There was a point at which I knew I wouldn’t be able to get anything else down, so I took a break for an hour or two before making the brownies :P

Bleh. I wonder if my hormones make me have these feelings of hunger. If so, it’s no wonder I overate so much as a teenager, back when my hormones actually worked correctly and I didn’t have to take pills to have my period. :P

Obviously, if the hormones do cause me to want to overeat, I’ll have to find some way to resist the temptation. I’d thought I was doing so well with my diet, but obviously I hadn’t really been tested yet. Maybe I’ve entered a crisis.

I’m just above a turning-point weight that I’ve been wanting to go under for quite some time now. It’s really annoying, because sometimes (like yesterday morning) it seems like I’m almost there, and other times (like today) it feels like I’ll never get past it.

In related news, my blood pressure was at an all-time high of 141/98 last night.