I must study at the feet of the PHOTOMASTER!

ASU has the following offerings this year:

Beginning Photography
Bring your 35mm camera that can be set for
manual operation, camera instruction manual,
polarized filter, three rolls of 24 exposure ASA
200 or 400 color print film, and paper and pen.
(4 mtgs) A
SEC 1: TUE, JAN 25-FEB 15 7-9 PM
SEC 2: TUE, MAR 1-22 7-9 PM
Allan Mouna Photomaster
AR20102 $89

Intermediate Photography
Learn how to take better photos of landscape,
pets, children and family, as well as photos at
night and in low light. Individual and class
photo assignments will be shared. Bring your 35
mm camera that can be set for manual operation,
ASA 200 or 400 color film, paper and pencil, and
an assortment (about 12) of your photographs.
(4 mtgs) A
TUE, APR 12-MAY 3 7-9 PM
Allan Mouna Photomaster
AR20201 $89

It seems I just missed getting into section 2 of the beginning class. :P But! Here’s a class on their online course system that doesn’t require me to have anything more than I already own, and I don’t have to go to classes ;D (Look at this other online offering…and here are some business courses…)

There are some other interesting classes, like:

Stained Glass
Create your own beautiful stained glass suncatcher
while learning safe techniques to cut and
design glass. The necessary supplies will be purchased
at the first class, and the cost is around
$70 Class size limited to 6; register early.
NOTE: Course materials contain lead.
Expectant and new mothers should not register.
You must be 18. You must attend the first
evening. No high heeled shoes. (4 mtgs) A
SEC 1: TUE, JAN 4-25 6:30-8:30 PM
SEC 2: TUE, FEB 1-22 6:30-8:30 PM
SEC 3: TUE, MAR 1-22 6:30-8:30 PM
SEC 4: TUE, MAY 3-24 6:30-8:30 PM
Robin Schweitzer Augusta Art Glass
CR50704 $69

No high heeled shoes, now!

I’ve seen the Augusta Art Glass building before, I think.

Investing for Beginners
Take a direct route to intelligent investing by participating
in this course in a no-obligation and norisk
setting. Learn how to start an investment
program by concentrating in stocks, bonds, mutual
funds, and insurance products. Don’t miss this
“plain English” explanation of investments.
Bring a pocket calculator. Your textbook is
included in the class fee. (4 mtgs) F
SEC 1:
WED, FEB 2-23 7-8:30 PM
SEC 2:
WED, APR 13-MAY 4 7-8:30 PM
James Cook Galloway Hall 204
PF10102 $54

I need this class…

Rental Income Property Seminar
Learn how to create income for now and retirement
by purchasing Rental income properties.
Learn how to maintain and protect your investments.
We will review such topics as: contracts,
credit repair, buying equity, sweat equity, limits on
repairs, tax advantages and what should be your
deciding factors when screening a potential
tenant. (1 mtg) F
WED, FEB 2 6:30-8:30 PM
Regina Preetorious Galloway Hall 203
RE30101 $29

Okay, every time I see “Regina” I think “Phelange”…

Beginning Ballroom
This class introduces you to Night Club Style,
Swing, and Cha Cha Cha. You will learn a minimum
of 10 steps in Night Club Style (slow
dance), 10 steps in Swing, and 6 steps in Cha
Cha Cha. (8 mtgs) F
Please register with a partner.
SEC 1: THU, JAN 13-MAR 3 6-7 PM
SEC 2: THU, MAR 10-MAY 12 6-7 PM
(No class on 4/7, 4/14)
Bill Heaton Galloway Hall 101A&B
RF70602 $50/person

That one was pretty cliche. But how about this?

Supernatural Thrillers
Analyze and discuss selected novels/films from
thriller authors like King, Koontz and Harris.
Explore the ancient origins of supernatural
beliefs and their evolution from Persian, Greek,
Roman, and Chinese mythologies into the superstitious
Middle Ages. The course concentrates
on the philosophical and psychological implications
of supernatural beliefs. Students are invited
to select the films and novels to be discussed in
class. (8 mtgs) A
THU, JAN 20-MAR 10 5:30-7:30 PM
Dr. Aman Kay Allgood Hall N354
LI70101 $95

This is the kind of course kids love to take in college.

Brooke mentioned this one to me before. Unfortunately it takes place at the same time as bellydance class (assuming, of course, that I ever decide to attend bellydance class):

Tai Chi
The ancient Chinese exercise of Tai Chi can be
practised by everyone to improve circulation and
balance, reduce stress, and help with weight control.
Learn Yang’s Style Standard 24-form set
and Breathing Sequence. Wear loose clothing
and comfortable shoes. (8 mtgs) F
SEC 1: WED, JAN 19-MAR 9 6:30-7:30 PM
SEC 2: WED, APR 20-JUN 8 6:30-7:30 PM
Alex Chiu
Christenberry Field House 117
RF40102 $79

I would be interested in this,

Microsoft Excel
Learn to create and use spreadsheets. After this
beginner’s course, you will be able to make your
own database of information that is important to
you (CD collections, wine lists, household inventory,
etc.) You’ll learn to build formulas quickly with
Function Wizard and use Office Assistant for
online help. (4 mtgs) C
M/W, FEB 28-MAR 9 6:30-8:30 PM
Susan Speir Galloway Hall 215
CO60301 $95 .8 CEUs

but it seems a little too basic. Maybe their online course would be best.

And, of course, no list of classes I’m interested in taking would be complete without these:

Arabic 101
This short, but lively, eight hour introductory
course focuses on learning the Arabic alphabet.
Greetings, simple phrases, language history and
pertinent cultural aspects are emphasized.
Motivated students can progress to Arabic 102.
(4 mtgs) A
Textbook: Alif Baa Take either Sec. 1 or 2.
SEC 1:
THU, JAN 13-FEB 3 7-9 PM
FL50601 $45 .8 CEUs
SEC 2:
THU, FEB 10-MAR 3 7-9 PM
Emad Fransis Allgood Hall E260
FL50602 $45 .8 CEUs

Spanish 101
Emphasis is on oral communication and beginning
word recognition, rather than grammar in
this twelve hour course. No previous knowledge
of Spanish is needed. Each two hour class
allows time for in-class practice. Gain comfort
for most travel and business situations. Your
experienced instructor is a native speaker from
Latin America. (6 mtgs) A
Textbook: Essential Spanish by Berlitz
TUE, JAN 25-MAR 1 7-9 PM
Elizabeth Smith University Hall 353
FL30101 $89

Missed the boat there, though.